About TOVAH, Inc.


TOVAH, Inc. was founded with the mission of building, enhancing and sustaining assets for housing, human service and resident service organizations.  TOVAH, Inc. assists housing organizations in their effort to best serve their residents and communities via the provision of creative and innovating strategies and highly effective management and development practices.  TOVAH Inc. provides proven, practical and creative programs and strategies designed in partnership with owners, management agents, service providers and residents that achieve successful residency and property operations.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Resident Service Coordination Program Development
  • Quality Assurance Program Compliance & Evaluation
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Development & Implementation
  • Relocation Management Services
  • Staff Development Training Programs
  • Custom Program Management Tool Development
  • Lease Compliance Intervention Services
  • Resident Council/Board Development & Support
  • Grant Writing & Administration
  • Technical Assistance & Support

Helping Communities Thrive!

Our Expertise:

TOVAH, Inc. is well known for its outstanding accomplishments and positive outcomes achieved in utilizing a results-oriented, behavior responsive model in the design and implementation of comprehensive resident service/supportive programs.

TOVAH, Inc. possesses extensive expertise in working with owners, resident councils, developers, management agents, community groups, and resident organizations in ensuring for maximum resident involvement in the planning, development and post development processes of neighborhood revitalization initiatives.  Our staff is uniquely qualified in that they have participated in the design and implementation of resident engagement plans and resident participation agreements in the revitalization of two state public housing developments.

TOVAH Inc. is highly experienced in providing training for and working collaboratively with resident associations and residents in conducting focus groups, assessments, resident meetings, workshops, coordinating community events, preparing grant applications, implementing and managing grant programs and evaluating program impact.

Our Approach:

Our approach and methodologies have been developed on the basis of our profound experience with diverse clientele. Utilizing a wealth of best practice resources and leveraging knowledge gained from our experiences, we offer highly effective practices, strategies and tools that add significant value to our clients and communities we serve.

Collaboration with our clients and community partners is essential to the success of our projects and programs. Collaboration and communication are the core principles of our client relationships. We work in partnership with our clients, staying attuned to each organization’s unique needs. We specifically tailor our services to meet our client’s organizational and programmatic needs and desired goals.

While our work is strongly grounded in experiential evidence, the most compelling attribute of our team is our passion. We love what we do.


Our primary goal is to support clients in achieving excellence!


Our Clients:

TOVAH, Inc. has worked with a broad range of organizations in different capacities – consultant, trainer, facilitator, program developer, program manager and evaluator.

Our past and present clients include:

  • HUD subsidized elderly & disabled communities
  • HUD subsidized family properties
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit communities
  • Public housing communities
  • State public housing developments
  • Cooperative housing
  • Private for-profit management companies
  • Non-profit management companies
  • Supportive housing communities
  • Resident boards and associations
  • Non-profit community organizations