Neighborhood Revitalization

TOVAH, Inc. possesses expertise in working with owners, resident councils, developers, management agents, community groups, and resident organizations in ensuring for maximum resident involvement in the planning, development and post development processes of neighborhood revitalization initiatives.

Resident engagement in visioning, planning and implementing measures for a better future is undoubtedly one of the most critical elements of any revitalization process. The participatory process gives communities the opportunity to analyze and discuss their situation in systematic fashion, identify community needs and implement responsive action plans. The participatory process is inclusive of all the different social, ethnic groups within a given community.

Resident engagement can be a very challenging task and failing to do it well can have a major negative impact on the process, resulting in its possible failure. An effective, successful participatory process not only results in revitalization plans that truly respond to a community’s best interest, but the people engaged in it develop their leadership skills and are better equipped to continue advancing their community’s interests.

As such, TOVAH Inc. has developed PROJECT PRIDE (Promoting Resident Involvement in Developing Enterprising communities) a comprehensive, multi-faceted program for developing, implementing and monitoring resident engagement plans and resident participation agreements resulting in successful and sustainable revitalization initiatives.

PROJECT PRIDE provides a series of training opportunities for housing authority staff, owners, management agents, developers, commissioners, and resident council members underscoring and promoting the importance of the participatory process in community revitalization efforts and overall operations.

PROJECT PRIDE also provides an informational toolkit providing technical assistance to housing authority residents of the State-Sponsored Housing portfolio regarding statutory and regulatory requirements of residents’ rights to organize, resident participation in redevelopment, policies and procedures for Tenant Commissioner Elections and best practice resources.