Resident Service Program Coordination

Resident Service Coordinators

TOVAH, Inc. makes a difference in our partner communities. Our program is designed to make your community shine! TOVAH, Inc. provides extensive assistance for establishing, maintaining and evaluating high impact resident service coordination programs.

We specialize in designing structured, HUD compliant programs, customized for your housing community.  We employ a results-oriented, behavior responsive model in the design and development of your resident service/supportive program to effectively incorporate your community’s individual and collective assets and address the needs and interests of your resident population.

TOVAH, Inc. offers a full range of resident service coordination program services including:

  • Resident/supportive services business plan development
  • Grant exploration, development & administration
  • Staff recruitment, training, and supervision
  • Program management
  • Program management recordkeeping tools
  • Report management
  • Quality Assurance services

Our Resident Service Coordinators:

  • provide strategies to strengthen and build communities
  • promote and enhance resident leadership
  • increase lease compliance
  • reduce after-hour emergency calls to management and emergency personnel
  • decrease unit turnover, particularly pre-mature apartment vacancies
  • decrease operational costs, including potential liability expenses
  • provide proactive solutions to resident issues and decrease persistent resident conflicts
  • provide assistance in separating resident issues from building operations
  • reduce apartment damages due to chronic and acute resident illness
  • connect and utilize available community resources for the provision of on-site health and wellness, educational and social and recreational programs and service
  • contribute to the marketability of the facility